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Some say the purpose of the "test" is the "testimony...

Do you have a gift to share with women and/or young adults?  Do you have a calling on your life to mentor other females?  Do you have the desire to serve in your community and make a difference in someones life?  Well, if you do then CHARM has a place for you.

Whether it is mentoring a young girl or teen, or empowering women, we are happy to have you.  Even if your gift is grant writing or fundraising, we could use your support. 

Become a part of our team and embark on something greater than yourself as we continue to transform the lives of our precious sisters. 

Fill out the form below and one of our team members will respond to you and give you the details on how you can get started on this wondrous journey of mentoring, molding and serving others.

Until we speak, remember to Count It All Joy!


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